Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Marketing Using Social Media

An interesting post was shared by a colleague and I wanted to pass it on. Chris Brogan wrote a piece titled, "50Ways Marketers Can Use Social Media to Improve Marketing." Some interesting points and some definitely we could incorporate in our libraries. I liked #9 - coupling our newsletter content with web content on a blog. I was also intrigued bysocial media press release he refers to in #12. You can check out the whole list at:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

ALA Insightful Programs

After a busy and educational ALA conference I'm back at work and wanted to share some of the highlights from my conference experience. The best program I attended was "Selling Your Story: How to Use the PLA Service Responses to Market Your Library," presenters Sandra Nelson and June Garcia. The presentation was based on the newly revised PLA service responses - which by the way I found to be very connected to what we do in our libraries. They reflect the current planning environment for public libraries with an emphasis on strategic rather than long-term planning. Nelson and Garcia empahsized the need for proper planning, BEFORE we begin our marketing and promotion efforts. If you are interested in the powerpoint from this presentation it is posted at The service responses are introduced in the new book, Strategic Planning for Results. I will be ordering 2 copies of the book for the State Library collection so if you'd like to take a look at it feel free to request through interlibrary loan. The embedded link provides the ALA website where you can purchase the book for your own collection.
While in Anaheim I also visited the Cerritos Library - probably one of the neatest public libraries I've ever seen. Everything about this library focuses on the importance of the customer experience. The library offers themed spaces to define its different collections. The Old World Reading Room sports rare first editions, new and popular titles, wood paneling and a Gothic fireplace. A World Traditions area recognized the contributions of nonwestern culture and houses multimedia resources. The high tech, modern area features the newest technology and innovative spaces. And the children's area includes multimedia learning centers, centered around inviting reading spaces and various hands on features. Of course the best way for you to get the real picture is to check out the link that includes photos: