Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We talked - They Listened

I just returned from ALA Rally Day in DC and what an exhilarating experience! I rode the bus with about 30 other folks from NC - including trustees, friends members, and other library staff, including our State Librarian Mary Boone - pictured here. Appointments were made prior to our arrival with our NC elected officials and we spent Tuesday afternoon travelling the halls of the senate and house. Along with a group of other librarians, friends and trustees I met with four elected officials. Each one spent personal time with us and was clearly engaged and interested in our library world. Bob Etheridge particularly appreciated our handouts and mentioned the importance of having "numbers to back up our stories." A great tool for that is the new updated wallet-sized, folded brochures called Quotable Facts About America's Libraries.

One quotable fact I found fascinating: " Amercans go to school, public and academic libraries nearly 3 times more than they go to the movies." So check it out and get some quotable facts today to share with friends, trustees and staff. Encourage everyone to choose their favorite and share it often.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Gold Mine - WebJunction NC

If you haven't take the time to explore WebJunction NC you're missing out on a real gold mine. I'm amazed at all the great marketing information - discussions, presentations, and courses. There's presentations on understanding marketing, branding, using 2.0 tools for marketing, and many more. The course list is comprehensive, including marketing plans, campaign planning, email marketing and new technology marketing.

So you ask how do I gain access. It's easy. As a North Carolina library staff member you can join WebJunction NC. Make sure you affiliate with NC - that gives you free access to courses. Go to and join - don't wait.