Friday, October 31, 2008

Library Provides Site for Journalists

In ALA's Pr talk Marsha Iverson from King County Library in Washington shared information about a page on their website focusing on providing library resources and services for journalists. Thought this was a great idea and that perhaps you might want to incorporate some of this in your own web sites. Web site is: Marsha also said she'd be willing to answer questions, her email is on the page.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Smartest Card at Sheppard Memorial Library

Kids at the library! That was the theme for Sheppard Memorial Library's Smartest Card campaign. Children who signed up for a new card during September had their picture taken. The pictures were posted on a library display, along with comments from the kids about how they used their library card.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library Kicks Off Smartest Card Campaign

The H. Leslie Perry Memorial hosted a wonderful event for their Smartest Card Campaign kick off - Discover Night. You could feel the excitement as you walked into the grand hallway outside the H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library entrance. Posters that featured members of Perry Library’s community of readers were the main attraction. (sample to the left) The colorful display was eye catching and the individual’s quotes demonstrated the importance of the library to the community of readers. Cornell Manning, trustee, sees the library as “the temple of learning.” Teacher David Cooper, shared his thoughts, “a library is a place learn about your history, establish your present status, and prepare for your future aspirations.”
Library Director, Jeanne Fox, and her staff organized the Discover Night @ Perry Library to kick off the smartest card campaign and encourage the public to discover the value of a library card. In addition to viewing the posters participants had the opportunity to learn about library resources, enjoy face painting, view special book displays, fill out the library community survey, register for prizes, enjoy refreshments and entertainment as well as meet Trustees and staff.
Jim and Yancey Hines donated their photography services and the posters will remain on display in the library. Many local businesses provided prizes for those who attended and for drawings at the end of the month for those who got cards during the month of September. Every child who registered for a new card received a book to keep.