Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanks - ProQuest

Thanks to vendor ProQuest for offering free help for its customers. It's released an updated version of the free marketing toolkit that it's had online for some time.
"The Public Library Marketing Toolkit aims to help librarians develop successful, actionable, and sustainable marketing plans, even if they don't have backgrounds in marketing or promotion. It includes many ready-to-use bookmarks, customizable posters, and fliers designed to save individual organizations the time and money of having materials created on-site. There's also a Flash commercial, along with patron-centric database descriptions for the library Website and links to training materials for both librarians and their users."

The Toolkit is available now, for free, from the ProQuest website at

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Like Buttons

I've been working on a word of mouth marketing presentation and came up with a great idea that I think would be perfect for a library webpage. You know on facebook and other sites they often have a "like" button or comment. Wouldn't it be great if we had these on our library websites and encouraged folks to click on the like button and post some comments. How great - we could then use those comments to tell our story AND we could ask those folks to tell their friends!