Monday, December 7, 2009

Holidays at Your Library

A busy time for all, but it might be a good time to try a few creative things in your library to entice new customers. I've seen some interesting promotional ideas recently that tie to the holidays. Here are just a few ideas - if you have others, please share.

  • Special book displays about holidays in other countries.
  • Favorite recipes from the staff - tied to a display of cookbooks.
  • Special hours for students studying for exams, offering refreshments.
  • Holiday gift ideas - books that make great presents
  • Teens having a virtual holiday celebration - sharing ideas of what to do over the holiday, tie in to the library's facebook page
  • Highlight travel books for those travelling over the holidays
  • Information on databases that provide consumer reviews for gift buying
  • Suggested books for parents to share with their children
  • Highlight the PBS series on NC LIVE - great for watching over the holidays.

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